My fear of dentists is 50 yes old, last tooth was removed fitted for new teeth .I was so at ease,i'm thrilled to recommend this practice
Dr John is amazing!!! My sister chipped 1/3 of her front tooth yesterday. I called this morning and explained the situation, they fit her in and did a FANTASTIC job! Her front tooth looks as good as new!!! She feels so much better about her tooth and is back being her usual self. THANK YOU!

Sara C

By far the best experience at a dentists office to date. I broke a back tooth on a hard piece of bread and needed an emergency appointment. I got in the same day and after an x-ray I was told there was not enough tooth left to save and it had to be removed. There was no pain at all during the procedure and only mild discomfort afterward. I took 2 advil and was able to work that evening. Hope you will never break a tooth but if you do they'r the BEST.

Roger P

Puts you at ease. Was afraid to get a root canal but he knows what he's doing and won't proceed until you feel no pain at all. Very precise, very professional. Highly recommended!

Grace N.